Ok, I was inspired to do some sketching based on this golf cart concept that Mercedes released recently.

While it is a super hot sketch, and as other pointed out, probably a great retirement community style neighborhood vehicle, it didn’t seem to me to be tackling the problem of actually golfing very well. So I thought I would throw down a sketch and see if any of you wan5ted to as well. If we get a few entries, I’ll front page the discussion.

Brief: a decently feasible golf cart. There hash;t been much innovation in electric golf carts over the past 30 years as they pertain to golfing. There have been stylistic tangents (a golf cart that looks like a Hummer, or a Rolls) and there has been a lot of investigation into neighborhood vehicles (Ford’s Th!nk products, the Mercedes example) but not much around golfing. Golfing tends to be a pretty complete experience, and a long one. There is lots of frequent getting out of the cart over an extend period of time. The cart also acts as a little bit of a HQ for you and your partner through the match, holding your clubs obviously, but also beverages, your phone, your wallet your keys and so on. Sketch or visualize however you want, a golf cart design that takes into account the use patterns of the modern golf experience… or just do whatever you want :wink:


Here is my sketch. After e few underlays and false starts I think I have the beginning of something. It’s not great, but after a couple of hours, I thought I would share… A golf cart is a shared vehicle, so I wanted to make sure it felt like it could be hosed out and clean. I separated the front (batteries, motor) from the center (people, beverages) from the rear (clubs) into three distinct graphical zones. Features:

  • transparent LCD windscreen with golf range finer app and touch UI (OK, way over cost, but its a sketch)
  • Hose out interior
  • Umbrella storage unger the seat, side access
  • Central joystick so either passenger can drive
  • Large grab handles (you get in and out every few minutes)
  • Smart phone chargers
  • Cup holders
  • Large tray storage for keys, tees, extra balls…
  • Bluetooth audio system (volume limited)

Who else wants to sketch something up? I’m sure one of you students warming up to go back to school can sketch up something hotter.

I’ve got another 180 sketches due in a few weeks, but when I find some free time I’ll be jumping in on this!

@ Yo

As an avid golfer I like your choices for features. Especially a cart that can be more easily hosed down/dried instead of faux-leather seats with cigar/cigarette burn holes in them. I have seen at least one country club use carts with screens built into the steering wheel (bigger wheels of course) for range finding/pin placement. Granted, the windscreen interface would be very cool to see.

Also, I am curious about the use of the Bluetooth audio system? You mentioned limited volume, so would it be for hands free calls or getting in touch with the club house if something goes wrong with the cart?

Interesting prompt, I play a lot of golf, but never considered designing around that hobby even though it would make a lot of sense. Definitely have plenty of my own thoughts about golf carts. I will try to get something posted despite my lack of experience drawing transportation.

Here are a few starters.

  1. Segway Golf Cart: Golf bag and transportation in one.

  2. Golf Hovercraft: No more walking around water hazards. Trunk opens up to present the clubs.

  3. Bubble Cart: Golf while being protected from the elements. The bubble locates and lowers itself over balls, no need to get wet.

Thanks Mroh11. I’m not a huge golfer, but I work with a lot of golf nuts, a few scratch golfers even, and I’ve spent my share of time behind the wheel of a cart golfing with vendors and retailers! A few hours in there gets me thinking… perhaps I should spend more of that time thinking about my horrid swing though! :wink:

RE the Bluetooth system. It could be for calls, or contacting the clubhouse, but I was thinking mainly for music. I’ve golfed with quite a few people who have music playing out of their crap phone speakers… would be nice to have a proper sound system, as long as it din’t disturb other golfers. A little limiting combined with directional tuning could make a nice musical bubble.

RE making an entry, as you are an avid golfer, I’m looking forward to your concept!

Nice concepts! That bubble dome is awesome! Segway golf bag is a cool idea too.

my I just say, I really enjoy your loose sketch style. Very cool.

Much appreciated bepster!

At my previous job I did a ton of quick whiteboard sketching for brainstorm sessions. I’ve been trying to keep up that lively, but minimal spirit in my sketches.

@Yo, Good initiation, cute smart like design. I like the colors & division.
@GEBS, interesting idea of Bubble cart.

my sketch for…
Electric golf car/t,Flat platform.
Symmetrical front with back.
Front & Rear windshield opens into storage space.
Seats : automotive + furniture like


Nice! Lets get a couple of more in here and I’ll make a post on the front page!

Nice sketches and ideas guys. @ADD I like the all glass roof/windshields.

Here is my quick first golf cart sketch. I got a bit inspired by the Tron vehicles.

Here are a few starters.

  1. Segway Golf Cart: Golf bag and transportation in one.

  2. Golf Hovercraft: No more walking around water hazards. Trunk opens up to present the clubs.

Both exist:

Late submission, but I managed to get something out. Everyone else’s ideas are def. great to see. As stated before, I am no transportation designer, even for something as basic as a golf cart. However, I do play golf fairly often and never really tried designing something from a personal hobby so this is my attempt.

As for my overall design, I think I went a little too left field for a reasonable replacement, but instead just tried to have some fun with the design. The first thing I changed was the vehicle layout and made the car into a reverse trike with two-wheels in the front (steering) and one in the rear for momentum. I know four wheels are more stable than three, but I figured that golf carts are (with exceptions: hooligans) used at reasonable speeds on a course and do not require that much more stability. I have seen a three wheeled golf carts before, but with a single wheel on front or meant for a single player.

Next was the overall shape that came with the trike layout and instead of pursuing a typical boxy/square profile, I decided a tear drop/rounded shape would be more intriguing. Other features include:

  • Hybrid/Electric motor cart with rear engine/rear wheel drive ( no idea how this will do dynamically, otherwise mid-engine is doable as well) I often find electric cars gutless on really hilly courses, but far more quiet so I do not disturb other players while gasoline engines usually have more push, but are often very noisy and not too eco friendly.
  • Solar panel roof (**whenever costs go down/efficiency increases) for charging the motor or misc. items like a cell phone or mp3 player.
  • Container with sand for divots and a club cleaner when you do not have a brush at hand.
  • In cart GPS for gauging distance to pin or from tee box. (existing feature, but may become more commonplace in the future)
  • Also part of the GPS would be to inform other golfers of your current location (reduce close calls with blind hill shots or out of sight due to trees)
  • Storage container beneath seat for extra items
  • large single handle bar for easy egress and ingress instead of one on the roof and one on the seat.

Unfortunately I only have one view of the vehicle right now because I am still not certain about the front of the cart. I will pursue this idea further as a side project. Hope something from it is interesting to you guys. cheers

Not late at all! That is a super fun concept Mroh11!

Here’s my go at it…

fun sketch! Analog or digital?

Thanks! Sharpie on paper, with a heavy levels adjustment on an iPhone photo.

Dblav, that is some sick sharpie linework!
I have a fun idea. Need to post tonight!

Sketch/doodle to clear my mind at work. I don’t know much about golf, but staying out of the rain must be nice.