SKETCH CHALLENGE: Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Based on the discussion going on over in the consumer electronics forum about the Dyson Super Sonic and the lack of well designed hair dryers, we thought we would set up a little hair dryer sketch challenge.

The hair dryer is the classic design school student project, yet there seems to be a true lack of nicely designed options on the market. Have at it designers, lets see what you would do unfettered by the constraints or retailers, marketers, and engineering BOMs. A little Braun inspiration from Mr914 to get you going.
and Marc Newson’s production design for Vidal Sassoon.

I’ll kick it off. A quick digital sketch of a small Vidal Sassoon branded Dryer.

$399 is much too steep for what is essentially a tech feat product but I can see it being sold in the professional markets - high-segment barber shops, beauty parlors etc. The compact design makes it more user-friendly which is an advantage for hair dryers.

The overall aesthetic is that of a professional cleanliness fit for dentistry tools, it works for some of the other Dyson products but I feel a handheld blow dryer needs a more human touch to the visual aesthetic. Also on the pictures, Dyson’s designs look much nicer than in real life - the plastic has a cheap feel to it. Of the Braun fossils I like the one on the bottom left, I used to own the one in the middle and it got extremely hot and since it’s decades old it permanently rieks of burnt hair, with hardly any air coming out.

Is this sketching exercise free or are we redesigning the Dyson hairdryer?

As mentioned in the original thread, I thought this was a fun idea.
So wanted to contribute a quick one from today over lunch.

When I saw the “supersonic” in the Dyson name, I thought how fun would it be if you could dry your hair listening to music? Especially now that they are getting so quiet?
Have that bass dry your hair even faster?

Sorry Michael, had to go with UE of course! :wink:

Now you can headbang to Slayer while you give your luscious mane that volume and sheen! :sunglasses:

Feeling a little rusty… quick lunch doodle.

[ Deleted ]

Here’s my entry, a twin tube hair dryer that you could use in the traditional way or by adjusting the two tubes apart like headphones to have the air blow at two different angles for more drying surface area instead of one powerful direction.

Hair Salon Project quiet a while ago.

Just seen this thread this morning so decided to add my own concept sketch. I’ve never used a blow dryer for my hair personally but, see my lady use hers often. I think they take up too much space. Secondly, I feel that the hand held use could use some different explorations…



Nice Jboogie941. Totally changing the form factor.

Thanks Yo, here are a few inspirational images of natural body movement and gesturing that compliment the design.

My idea is to have a cordless hair dryer with a central charging station for multiple devices. This would suit professional studios that can save cost and space by sharing devices among employees. The dryer’s head can be rotated to individual liking, and when stored the handle can be slid into the hole of the head. Colored blades give the head a distinctive appearance. When docked, these blades can fold outwards like petals. Buttons work capacitively and are precision cut into the aluminum handle. Precious little bevels and grooves add detail to the shape features. All in all I was searching for a new visual language for Dyson, keeping the simplicity of the current products while linking back to the expressive techno-centric language of the older Dyson products, while keeping a friendly and natural feel.