Sketch book

Do you guys keep a sketch book? Some what like a diary , where you sketch at times when you get the chance?

Yes, Strathmore bound book in my Bag, small Moleskine in my pocket. Always. Plus, like everyone else here. I doodle on everything ie. newspaper, napkins etc…

I also pretty much always carry a sketch book. At university our tutor had us draw in sketchbooks all the time. He also had us complete projects in big A3 sketchbooks just to get us used to using the things.

Yes. I carry a cachet earthbound book at work and I have several 11 x 17 homemaid books for at home or in the car or at the university

I don’t. I tried drawing on the train for a few weeks. Everything came out like snail trails…I kept a small book in my bag for a while…it just got filled with lint. I do find myself talking pics with my phone of cool stuff though.

I have a larger format lined moleskin that I carry. It is reporter style, the lower page is always a weekly to do list that i make every Sunday, the upper page is always notes, doodle, sketched and written ideas.