Sketch Book Pro

I was wondering if anyone else was using SBP and what their thoughts were on it.

I just bought it a few weeks ago and so far I really like feel and control of the pens and markers. I wish it had some more photoshop ability though, but so far I’d rather use this any day.

I’d love to see some people sketches, rendering, doodles with it and any tips tricks or neat finds you might have stumbled across.


SBP is ecellent for sketching. It is not as robust a package as Corel Painter, and neither have the ability of Photoshop.

Sketching A+
Rendering D

I like it. A lot of people at productdesignforums use it and post a lot of work there.
You can save your file or export it to photoshop so you can work on it there to finish it off and it’ll keep all of your layers.