sketch book pro questions

Is there a way to use sweeps and ellipse templates in sketch book pro? Right now and I am laying templates over my citique and using them, though I suspect that there is a better way.

any input would be helpful

No, if you want functionality like that you’d have to go to Alias Studio.

The only other way would be to draw your own sweep and import it every time you wanted to reference it.

I do the same thing with laying my templates over the Cintiq, it’s pretty straightforward and tends to look a bit more natural.

I’m with mike, i lay my ellipse guides over the cintiq. But I have this feeling like I’m cheating. I mean they allow you to work faster and more accurately; i just feel like i should be doing it freehand. what do you guys think?

I feel the exact same, I’ve never (and never plan on) using rulers/curves/guides etc… and never has a rubber/eraser touched my sketches.

IMO, that’s ridiculous. Use whatever tools help you to do the best job. I remember my painting professor in college suggesting I use a straight edge. When I asked if it was really OK to do that he said, “Will it make the painting better? Then do it!”

Do you use “Undo” in Photoshop or other programs? Do you use layers or are you a purist and put everything on one layer even if it’s not efficient and gives you less control? If I’m doing quick concept sketches where I want to generate a lot of ideas in a short time and will develop the most promising ones later, I work strictly freehand, but when I want a more finished drawing I’ll use whatever works best. Take a look at some rendering books or online tutorials and you’ll see that most of the best work is done with aids.

BTW, if you use guides, sweeps, etc. on a Cintiq, make sure they’re clean or you can end up with scratches on your screen.

If you can consistently nail a perfect freehand circle/ellipse then go for it - but our job is about communicating design intent. I still do plenty of loose stuff freehand, but if I’m trying to crank out a quick tight rendering my templates are never out of reach.

I don’t use sweeps though, at least not very often.

I do use templates over my Tablet PC. One great thing about using ellipse/circle guides with SBP is being able to zoom in & out to size them just right. When I used to use templates on paper sketches, I was always frustrated because I never seemed to have just the right size ellipse for the job. Now, that problem is solved…

Maybe I didn’t explain myself, I use freehand purely for concept sketches, but the majority of my concept sketches are finish/rendered in Illustrator, so I don’t actually use my sketches for concept presentations. It’s a priority thing I suppose, no point in wasting time with guides etc when they aren’t used for visualisations etc.

I’m the same way. If it has to be neat and clean enough where I would need to use a guide or sweep, then I’ll do it in illustrator. Sketches are supposed to be quick, loose and by default, imperfect, that’s why they’re sketches and not illustrations. Any more than that you’re into illustration territory which has a different timeframe, tools, accuracy, etc.

95% of the time my sketchbook pro is freehand. Every once in a while I drop in a guide on the tablet.