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So I’m starting a sketch blog to help motivate me to do some more sketching outside of work. I feel as though I’ve gotten a little rusty as a lot of the stuff I do for work falls under a certain style/method (marketing likes uniform formats for research purposes).

I’m just going to be picking whatever topic I want and having fun; no brief, no style restrictions, just fun. I’ve kicked it off with a small collection of works, but plan to add to it pretty regularly (I’ll be happy with one update a week, ecstatic with 2). I’ll probably mix it up between ideation sketches and more finished looking pieces. Maybe every once in a while I’ll work on something more thoroughly.

Feel free to look around, make comments, criticisms, or jokes. I’ve got a pretty good sense of humor and a thick skin (I find most IDers do).

You can check it out at:


Looks great man! Love the motorcycle sketches! Looking forward to more.

great sketches man, love the motorbikes too.

I might start a similar sort of thing, just so i can see a progression of my drawing skills (hopefully)

I added a quick Olympics BMX. I’m thinking I’ll do some other sports too if I find the time.

I love the “loose” motorcycle sketch. Has a great feel to it.

Interesting idea integrating the fender into the fork on the BMX frame.

Why do I get the feeling you like things with 2 wheels…

New entry - Old school Fencing. Some old-school digital canson (that isn’t an oxymoron I promise) on the Olyimpcs theme. It is at:

As always.

Guilty as charged, I do like things with 2 wheels (as evidenced by both the number of motorcycles that have circulated through the garage in the past few years and the number of bicycles in there now). I like things with 3 and 4 wheels too (and a lot of things without any wheels at all if you can believe it). . . Stay tuned and I’m sure you’ll see plenty of each!

love your drawing men, its pretty inspiring to me. i had stop drawing things for a very long time seeing your drawings. …i love it.