SJSU ID Opinions

What happened to SJSU’s ID Program. A few years ago it seemed to be one of the better ones but the most recent show lacked that kind of punch.

It’s the students. they don’t try hard enough. lol. I’m not joking. Teachers can teach, but students have the choice to excel.

The problem is the head of the program. Migurski. He’s pretty much inept.

Yeah I thought the work was a bit uninspired myself. I remember when their mixers were huge events with really good stuff but that was in the early 1990’s. Sometimes it is the ulck of the draw when you have strong students who raise the bar and everyone takes it up a notch.

being a graduate from sjsu’s id program from a few years back i can attest to it’s gradual downfalll. mijurski is the head of the program and he fails to give guidance but is the first to scrutinize students work. he can not teach design because he has no real design experience, other then internships he took that could have gone to students. sjsu’s id program will not be around for much longer.

In teh Bay Area, Academy of Art University went from being weaker than SJSU to being stronger. SJSU is now on par with SFSU which isn’t saying much. I don’t know about CCAC but if it was great I would know something about it I figure.

Who teaches there now? I think I learned the most from Fleming and Wingate.

Leave Migurski alone!!! He doesn’t come to your place of work and tell you how to make the fries!

Hah! I was laughing so hard when I read this. I think Migurski actually would tell you how to make the fries, HIS way. I can almost imagine him going behind the counter and telling some poor bastard (with his thick accent), “you ah doin’ theez vong, what is the notion of theez fries?” And in the process he’d probably a thing or two in the kitchen.

Of the many stupid moves Migurski pulled, I never understood why he set up an exchange program with a school in Hungary. It never made any sense to anyone in the program.

Looks to me like the ID program at SJSU is bouncing back. The reason was the fact that Barry left or got kicked out one of the two, Del left, everyone is hanging dogs on Migurski and trying to get him fired writing letters and pulling all kinds of stunts. This is done mostly by students who barely pass the reviews and who do nothing but complain and ruin it for other students. Thank ID god for John Mcclusky who seems to be trying to juggle all the fundation courses and students I mentioned above still manage to complain about him at because they failed the review. SO HERE IS ALL THE DIRT!!! ENJOY!!! I am so frickin’ angry!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! You don’t want to know… I don’t want to make John sound like a knight in shinning armour but he is the most well rounded prof I’ve seen and he can’t do everything. To all the review non-passers leave Migurski alone, and John, and Pat Enright (because I heard stuff about him too) not to mention Phil White. Many students would like to graduate and actually become good designers so dear slackers don’t mess up for everyone else. Do more sanding, sketching, working, and most of all THINKING!

Oh yeah guys, does anyone know anyone or wants to teach us how to sketch on your own time… like legendary Fleming or better? I know it’s a long shot but what the hey…

I’ve seen the program change over the years. Yes, it is NOT what it used to be, and yes, the students are NOT what they were either.

The way I see it it’s natural selection. Those who can adapt will make it through. Heck there are too many designers in the bay area anyway. Here’s another one, when life gives you lemons you make lemade, right?

I check the boards from time to time and I read the same whines about Magu. Please folks look in the mirror. If you are not getting what you need from any program seek it out! You are studying to be creative thinkers, no? Think of a solution on how to get the most of the program. If you look around the class and are not challenged by the output of the students, take you work and review it with one of the many studios out here. 1) you get REAL input on design. 2) you add connections to network. 3) you reduce the fear of interview anxiety.

I agree that the ones who seem to complain are the ones who can’t seem to pass the review.

GREAT TIPS! I will start from the bottom up. I am a bit shy about going to firms and just saying “Hi I know you’re really busy but can you check out my stuff?” No doubt I would love to do that. I just went through the review and I was told things I am puzzled over.
About what you said - I think the major failure is lack of motivation in the program too many students want to lead their normal social and family I found out the hard way. I am still in the program and I find myself loving it and hating it but loving it more definitely loving it more. I just hope there is space for few more designers in the bay area.

I think I am the only one from my graduating class of SJSU that is still in ID. Many changed professions sometime after graduation.

And what’s your point?

Well, I’ve only been in the industrial design program at SJSU for a semester. All these postings are scaring the crap out me though…

If you love it and are self-motivated, you won’t have to be scared. I pretty much learned from my fellow classmates and professionals moreso than in school. Migurski didn’t really teach me a thing…I pretty much learned stuff through fellow students, self-teaching, and intenrships.

Of course Migurski didn’t teach a thing, he has no professional experience.

Is it true that del coates is no longer at SJSU? If so, is he on sabbatical or is he formally retired? Who has taken his place? thanks.