Size or Mobility ? - Wacom Tablet Advice ?

Hi everybody,

Right now I have the choice between two Wacom Intuos 4 Drawing tablets, The medium and the large versions.

Price is not a factor between the two, I can get either the small or large, nothing else

I plan on using this tablet through university and later in employment.

So do you think the medium is big enough and is better because it is more mobile ?
Or is the massive drawing area of the large worth sacrificing mobility for ?

p.s. sorry if i put this topic in the wrong place :slight_smile:

If price is no object, why not a Cintiq?

If you’re dead set on a non-screen tablet, the IBM X700 is a workhorse and has the pad embedded in the palm-rest. Costs a lot though

I just bought a wacom enabled Tablet PC on ebay, just for the comute… IBM X60 for $600. Best decision I’ve made in a while

Sorry for the mis-understanding, by price is not a factor I meant between the medium and the large sizes, i cant get a cintiq :slight_smile:

  • i have a nice old macbook so i dont want a new PC

Wacom have just recently updated their Bamboo line with multi-touch functionality. The new Bamboo Fun’s active area is actually quite close to the medium Intuos so it’s worth a look: Wacom Pen Tablets & Interactive Pen Displays

The large tablet is a nice to have, but it’s hard to move around. If you’re just an undergrad, I would suggest you to start with the medium first, but don’t get too caught up with the graphic tablet as mastering the pen and paper is more important.