Maybe its high time that we should rename Industrial Designer as Waste Creator? :wink: What do you guys think?

dunno. i tend to reduce part count by integrating stuff. sometimes improve engineering. reduce power consumption w/ increased efficiency. simple improvements to shape can do that.

maybe we should rename Humans as Consumers.

sounds like its an Engineer’s job…

anyway having little or simple improvement is like reinventing the wheel

light in my car says its overheating. i’d add water if only i was a trained Auto Mechanic

no shortage of clever people here. too bad they think ID is only Styling.

in that case, ID people can start by designing ways to reduce/minimize tons of Waste created by Consumer at our Junkyard, Scrapyard, Dumping ground, (or even end up in other countries) etc .

By the way, what does a Industrial designer FEELS when he/she see his creation ends up as waste in Scarpyard or rubbish bin. Can anyone help me with this?

So what ykh said does not qualify as a way” to reduce/minimize tons of Waste created by Consumer” ? Think clouds, think…

“What does an Industrial designer FEELS when he/she see his creation ends up as waste in a rubbish bin?” I don’t know…what does an engineer feels when he sees his “creation” (god…what a word) ending up in the garbage? Or what does a marketing person feels in the same situation? Getting a product out on the market is a bit tougher than taking a dump, a bunch of people is involved… If I was to blame anyone, I would blame our culture and bad marketing :]

ID people don’t sit around with a cup of tea, going, “ oh yes, yes let’s design a product that is a hunk of plastic that weighs 15 kilos, filled up with mercury, and covered with a thick-thick layer of asbestos and you can use it for only a day, and then you must throw it away and buy a new one!”

99% of the industrial designers are aware of sustainable issues, but unfortunately not everything can be made out of paper pulp. There are much saner ways to improve the waste problem, and what ykh wrote is one of them.

toxicity in hudson river, ny.

I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand such an “ingenious” allusion, where does exactly industrial design comes in that particular story?

Please explain your point of view, apparently, you have a strong idea about what needs to be done.