Site redesign

Finally redesigned my website. Anyone interested in seeing what I do
(graphic design) can check it out here:

Also, if anyone finds broken links, misspellings or just badly worded
stuff let me know. I’m still working on the copy and trouble shooting.

… and any other constructive input is welcome as well.


im guessing this site is only for your graphic stuff (print?). It seems you have more interesting projects in your resume to show.

with respect to the site, i like the colors and layout, but having each link pop up on a new browser window is annoying.

What browser are you using? How big is your screen? Resolution setting?

The links only pop up a new pages when you browse from the home page. All the subsequent pages have links to the images on the bottom of the page. (You can navigate from any page.)

If I wanted sound I could only have this on one 1 (home page.) If it was on all the other pages it would get quite noisy since they would all play at different sequences. This is the reason for pages opening in new windows from the home page.

I’m looking for a graphic design job. This is why you don’t see any product, game or toy design on this site.

lauren, great to see your site…you’ve always been a wealth of knowledge and help, hopefully now some of the folks here can help you out too…

at a quick glance, i found something on the Chicago Dragon’s page…
“The serpent dragon is known …” should be “known” not “know”

also, seems like your audio loop needs to be shaved a fraction of second off at the tail end…the little exxtra bit right now is causing it to sound not “smooth” as it repeats…

as for the navigation “problem” that d-fluxx mentioned…i had sort of the same experience…the problem i realised was that my resolution also does not show the projx navigation at the bottom, so i keep going back to the home page…

perhaps scaling the site down to accomodate smaller resolution settings or having the home page just a splash or have it set up to navigate similarly at the get go (all projx nav at the bottom)

2cents worth and hope it helps…all the best…

Nice portfolio and the site.

However, it is a good idea not to use “open in new window” and pop up windows since it goes against accessibility of the website and also some users won’t be able to see all the stuff if they turned on pop up blocking in their browsers (to avoid advertising)

Thanx for all the feedback.

Yeah I knew I was going to have problems putting the nav bar at the bottom. I did feel my audience would be set at high resolutions with larger monitors (future employers that is.) I should be able to set the entire site to start higher on the page though.

For some reason every time I try to fix the sound loops in acid or even sound forge (just shaving off) I end up with some white sound at the end. This only happens when I save as a mp3.

I’m not to concerned about the pop up window thing. You bring up a good point but again for this audience I don’t feel its an issue. It seems to be the best way to handle the sound issue right now.

Spelling error #1 fixed. I still need to rewrite my ‘about’ page too. Talk about a run on sentence :wink:

is that you on the background lauren???

Yes, of course. It would be a bit silly to put someone else’s image there :slight_smile:

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to include it but I felt it gives the site some personality. Also, unless you already know me I doubt you will recognize me on the street from that picture.

So what did you think? Any suggestions?

Hi Lauren. Looks nice, but I second the pop-up comments. Ever thought about trying an internal frame?

A personal comment-- I tend to get annoyed quickly by looped music, especially if I am going to be looking at a site a long time (as in the case of a portfolio site) I know it adds a lot of mood, but it also takes a little something away.

Good luck in your search… are you staying in Chicago?

I would say tone down, scale down or simply remove your picture. While it may give your site character, it is also very large/prominent on each page and competes with your work every time. In terms of heirarchy, whats more important, what should I look at first?? your picture or your work?
Also, I agree with previous comments- need to fix the clipped portion of your sound loop and give the visitor the option to turn it off.

Thanks for the input. The sound is a funny thing. Some people love it some get annoyed with the loop. There is a sound off/on button on the first page… top right.


One other person felt as you did regarding my image. I’m still debating its removal. I personally like they way my image is looking at the work. I hoped that would refocus the viewer. I also kept it in gray to let the work be more prominent.[/code]

I don’t like the sound.

  • It doesn’t have any meaning or function
  • most of the time, I think, people aren’t expecting that a portfolio site will make any type of noise.
  • A lot of people already are listening to some music…a CD…or on-line radio…or something…the looped sound on your website interfering with my MMW was annoying. I turned the sound off very quickly…it’s very easy to find where to turn it off, though.
  • In my opinion, a website is a milieu of visual and textual information… sounds are appropriate in flash animations, where a sound is related to an action, or obviously on some band site, where you may listen to some of their music samples…a looped MIDI, or whatever is used, just doesn’t cut it.

Yes I’m planning on staying here in Chicago. How’s life downstate?

I have to disagree with you a bit here. The web is a multimedia medium. Sound happens all the time. In this case I chose music for background ambiance. For people like yourself there is the option to turn off the music. For those who like it (and many do) they can leave it be.

This personalized customization is the core concept behind those who developed the protocols for the web… in other words turn the sound off. Now if I didn’t include an off button you would be totally justified in your annoyance.

Think of it this way, the computer screen it very much like your television. They are slowly merging. Now can you imagine your TV without sound?

Also remember that this site isn’t designed for you… unless you are hiring graphic designers :smiley: My specific audience is future employers. So far it has caught the attention of a few principals… one led to an interview, another emailed me.

Downstate? Nah, I’m in Wicker Park.

I’m not far from you… Lincoln Park

There’s a little glitch, I’ve noticed …I am not sure if anyone’s mentioned it…when I resized the window, the sound on/off button disappears. It reappears if I move the cursor over it….I don’t think many people will have 6 different windows open at a time when looking through your portfolio and won’t need to resize anything.

You’re very right, I probably won’t do any hiring in the next couple of decades…that’s for sure :]
I’m here mostly to practice my written English, I do realize the irrelevance of my advices ( lack of knowledge and experience is obvious)

I must be horribly old fashioned…to me the main difference between television and internet is that compared to TV it doesn’t produce as much noise. The interaction with a computer is similar to interaction with a book…just sitting, reading…looking…There are cases when sound is needed for greater emotional impact ( has a great use of sound…again, in my opinion) but with all my respect for your work, I don’t think sound adds anything to your site.

I just don’t believe in using music on a website for decorative purposes.

Your design work is very impressive, but what if a future employer just hates that type of music… you can’t please everyone’s musical tastes.

wicker park in the house! sorry, couldn’t resist.

The sound is cheesy, that was my first impression, it’s just a dull beat that loops. For Graphic Design I would have thought sound is not as important than flash based & new media employment. I would keep it clean and static. You may have heard of ‘iframes’ - they display some of the html pages within the current html page rather than a load of new windows opening and filling the monitor.

btw … Nice work

The sound is cheesy

It funny but most people like the music except for those on these core boards.

As far as I frames, I decided against them for bookmarking reasons. As you know I am a bookmark/link collector. If some one wants to bookmark a specific page of mine they can. I don’t believe this is possible with i-frames. I would feel like such a hypocrite if I didn’t let someone bookmark my pages.

a little glitch, I’ve noticed …I am not sure if anyone’s mentioned it…when I resized the window, the sound on/off button disappears. It reappears if I move the cursor over it

Thanks for letting me know. Problem is I can’t repeat this problem in mozilla or IE using Win XP. Are you on a mac? What browser and operating system are you using. This could be the problem.[/b]

i’m on a mac

i rechecked it in mozilla and netscape, too…the glitch happens only in IE