Site redesign...

I appreciate the change, but I agree with the others that the “improvement” lacks originality. We are a design community…we need to represent that! Why do a “me too” when we are capable of setting the standard? How bout some colors?

I must say after being away from Core for two weeks has been an appauling surprise; the useful, informative database of inexhuastable information has been replaced with Yahoo-esque SCHLOCK. Yes the old site was boring, but did we come hear to marvel at Core’s graphic prowess? No, we come here to meet, inform, and exchange; that perogiative has been obscured with this graphic mess. The ease of reading and skimming for pertinent information is speed bumped with redundant buttons which do not aid the communication process.
Since when do we need Emoticons to learn about market trends, next year’s colors, freelance rates, or surface modeling? SCHLOCK und mehr Scheiße.

this board is a work in progress, we’ll address things as they come up. From posts so far:

  1. Change Icons for interface buttons (i.e. “new post”, “reply”) as they are too “cartoonish”

  2. Smooth out page flow in the threads by eliminating non-essential clutter (i.e. profile button, instant messenger buttons) that exists between user comments

  3. Bring back old posts.

  4. Add spell-checker.

what else is there? let us know, we gotta get back to making the $$$ soon! TTs don’t pay for themselves.

One thing I really like is that there is an Icon that shows the threads I’ve posted on. Cool! Aesthetic aside, I like the functional changes. Thanks guys! I’m sure you’ll spice, spark, and work the visuals over time. In the mean time thanks for the forum.

Wow, now the Orange text on the White background is even harder to read than the Core Home page. - Good going guys. :cry:

The orange type is too small, not enough contrast, hard to read. The topics page now spans the whole screen, I’d probably add lines between topics to seperate out the major headings and compress it side to side. Too much real estate.
I really liked the old option that showed threads that had been added to since my last visit. I come back several times a day and just like to read the new stuff. The previous site had a much bolder feel and was easier to navigate since you could see where you were going with larger type and more defined areas of interest.The whole new site is much harder to read.

Add Archived threads
Add Spell check
Delete Emoticons

What would you propose?
Here are some other skins for phpBB :

Personally I find almost all of them worse than the default skin.