Siri, my friend

After only 2 days of interacting with Siri I’ve been both enthralled by her potential and enraged by her shortcomings. I’ve also jumped right into having a smart phone after 13 years of old fashioned phones so I’m very new to having such an amazing tool in the first place.

Communicating with Siri has been an interesting experience… Learning how to efficiently and appropriately phrase questions to get good results, how to teach her relevant information about myself, discovering places and times in my life where her capabilities can help me the most… I’ve had a blast.

There are moments where I wish she could take it one step further. For instance, when I ask for movie times near me, I am answered with a list of theaters near me. I was disappointed when she could not sort that information out. I wanted to set reminders based upon arriving at locations, but she would not give me a location reminder unless I program that specific location in. I could not get the proper response when I asked her to, “remind me to get milk when I get to walgreens at so and so.” I can make reminders for Home or Work, but I want the ability to create locations on the fly without designating locations that aren’t important to me.

I’d love to here about anybody’s experiences with Siri.