Sir Jonathan Ive knighted in the New Year Honours list

No surprise here, but good news nonetheless.

I thought he was already knighted. I remember doing a quick essay about him 6 years ago for school and sources then said he was knighted??

That was a CBE in 2006. Not a knighthood, but still pretty spiffy.

A well deserved honour.

Happy New Year everyone.

…following up on design in the UK Honors system, he still has some way to go to get up there with “Norman Robert Foster, Baron Foster of Thames Bank”, or “Richard George Rogers, Baron Rogers of Riverside”. AKA Lord Foster and Lord Rogers.

There’s Sir John Sorrell of Interbrand Newell and Sorrell, but he’s definitely up on Kenneth Grange CBE, (as in “Apple is … a bit up their own arse,”)