Sino CES

An early announcement on the Chinese Consumer Electronics Show (done in conjunction with the US CES counterparts). The web site is and you can click English in the upper right hand corner.

It will be held on July 10-13 at the Qingdao International Convention Center

I am am working with the Quingdao Industrial Designers Association. There will be 4,000 square meters devoted to Design.

The design forum will be opened freely to all design professionals (they do not need to pay any registration fees). Adjacent to and outside of the design forum, there are some spaces refurbished into meeting and negotiation rooms, which are also free to use for design professionals.

Not bad.

WOW! That is exciting. Not sure if I will be up in that direction anytime soon, but do post some pictures if you can?

I’ve bought my plane ticket for this! MY first trip to China as well. I’ll look for you.

  • Steve

sounds interesting but I’m so sorry to say, I’ll not be there because I’m busy with my work…

If you are going, get your Chinese Visa early and in your home country. I went to get a new visa today and it is like pulling teeth. See also:

Hi Tim,

Is there any preview information on the ID conference at the SINOCES show? I am really looking forward to it, and the tradeshow!

My buddy hooked me up getting the Visa - his factory had to invite me and send the invitation letter for me to bring to the Chinese embassy.

Thanks in advance.


I have seen no preview on the design schedule, even though i am speaking at the conference. Not exactly unusual however :slight_smile:

I received a schedule. Of course I do not know how much it will change this week.

The “Design Innovation Enhances Company Competitiveness” summit is on July 11th. It starts at 9AM and ends at 5:30PM. There are 11 speakers. There are 6 Chinese speakers (industry, government and education), 4 Western speakers, and one speaker for Korea but with a Chinese name.

Location is 5301 Conference Room, No. 5 Hall, Qingdao International Exhibition Center.

There are also supposed to be design topics on July 10th in the Crystal Ballroom, No. 6 Hall, Qingdao International Exhibition Center. I have no details on this.

Tim, thanks for filling in on the details. I’m about to fly out of Incheon to Qingdao today, Monday the 7th.

Had a wonderful day talking to enigma in Qingdao.

Core77 rocks :slight_smile:


I can’t thank you enough for your graciousness, insight, and awesome conversation we had today - your networking is top-notch.

I haven’t had such a meaningful and timely discussion in awhile; and all this in China!

My first trip to China was an eye opener, and you made my first impressions of China, especially as they relate to design, so worthwhile with your great understanding of how the government and its people are embracing design albeit supreficially at the moment. Still it makes feel excited about the design profession, again. And, you are doing an important work in China!

I hope any of you who are planning to go to China are as fortunate as I was with meeting Tim.

Oh, thanks for the Cohiba Siglo IV cigar!!! :sunglasses:

  • Steve

Thanks for the kudos enigma.

I have to say the Design Conference at the SinoCES was excellent. Compared to other trade shows the Design area was quite large and had a mix of excellent design firms from China and around the world. Also the design organizations of china were well represented as well as the design press.

I would like to thank Wang Haining, Vice Secretary-General of the Qingdao Industrial Design Association for his hospitality. Haining did a great job with limited government resources. Also the IDSA booth was very helpful in making connections in China.

Tim , thank you for review my another post.My name is Fanpeng,is a diesgn media reporter
i am sorry that didnt go to the event in qingdao,hope next time listen your speech.
and my friend Song Weizu and Jia Wei went to there

and a foto in qingdao from (in Hisense or Haier )BIDC
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