Single Surface Modeling?


I remember a while back someone speaking a lot about Single Surface Modeling. Is there a tutorial out there for this and if not could someone break down the specifics of how this is done, for any software package in mind. I am assuming this involves moving control points/vertices/hulls to acheive the detail, but that is far too obvious I would think.

Specific details would be great. I currently use a common nurbs technique to model just about anything, involving 2 rail sweeps and building continuities from that to complete forms. But problems with tangency can still be a issue depending on the complexity of the design, so I can see how using this SS technique would be beneficial.

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that was me. havent seen any tuts. i had started one on my old geocities site. but removed it.

best advice is to get creative in building models. identify a key surface in the shape. something to build from. curves are very important for accuracy. you can build a temp surface and pull off an isoparm. then use that curve. stuff like that. quick example:

want to add draft. goes around complex forms surface to a flat p/l.

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