singapore or ACCD?

im a high school student in jakarta. im planning to take a product design major in singapore. but i’ve no idea which school is better than the other conseidering product design is new there. after it, i want to take graduate program either in ACCD or RISD… or maybe I should go straight to accd or risd for undergraduate??? but money is always the problem. :frowning: do you have any advise?? thx for helping me…


gua juga orang indo and i will be studying product design in central st. martin in london. in singapore, i think la salle has product design course and i think it is a course from curtin university. NUS also has industrial design program. well, it depends on which aspect you want to concentrate in cos i think the one in la salle is more towards the art part while NUS is of course the engineering part. u can contact these 2 skills if u want to know more…i hope this helps! gud lak! ngomong2x loe di jkt di sma mana? ok dech ^_^!

isn’t it the one with a course from curtin is Raffles Design Institute?

is it only portfolio matter to enter ACCD or RISD? or they are looking for your latest school’s background? thx,.

why would you even bother to look at singapore if you are aiming for ACCD or RISD for later?

one good thing about singapore is the extremely high government interest in design right now. it gives a lot of publicity and funding for professionals and also students(especially the NUS ones)
and its nearer to indonesia then RISD.

i wouldnt recommend raffles lasalle for product design though. their stronger in the arts (painting), illustrations and visual comm. and i feel their product design course is very very weak.

hope that helps

if i have both degree in US it will so expensive
or ishould i just do my undergrad study there without going to grad studiy?

Why are you aiming for a grad degree? Why are you aiming for a ACCD or RISD grad degree?

The reason why I am asking this is, you have not even started your ID “life” yet and you already have made such goals for yourself. What if you find that you don’t like it at all? What if the cultural environment in Singapore doesn’t support your ideology?

The point I am making is, take a step at a time. And since there are so many factors that can take you away from your planned path, why not give yourself the opportunity to get the best whenever you can, so that if you decided not to continue, you know for sure that your decision is right?

I say if you can afford it, even if it’s just for undergrad, go to US or Europe for your undergrad education. It’s where your foundation will be laid, and trust me, you want to have a strong one. You may not even want to attend grad school then.

This is coming from someone who’s been through what MOE has thrown at their kids for 11 years.

ahh… maybe i should take a foundation year then make a desicion… :frowning: