simple solution neee

Ok here, before I start I unerstan the nee for pencil an paper an to use my brain. Lol I have rea through some other posts. Now, I am working on a few ifferent cabinets but the most complicate one has two logos an a name cut into it with a back light. I have them all rawen up but I am a terrible rawer. It woul spee things up an help me change things before I get to final project. My preicament is the wallet. Ten month ols are a little on the expensive sie an I just can’t rop $150+ on software just so I can see it before my first cut. I’m using woo an basic 90 an 45 egree angles. Is there a basic version of like a rino or autoca software out there; I on’t nee animation or the ability to flex or ben. Any irection woul help.


ps: Sorry about the missing letter between “S” an “F” my son thought it was a goo iea to eat cheerios ontop of my laptop an one is stuck unerneath.

You might look into Google Sketchup or Blender, or any other freeware 3d software. These may aid in visualizing problems but aren’t perfect CAD tools to go to manufacture. As always, is the learning curve and time worth it for this type of software for all your future projects? maybe not, but they’re free!
I haven’t really used these myself so i couldn’t help in decisions, just throwing some options your way.