Simple P-shop questions

1.) What’s the short-cut to adjusting the brush size?

2.) How do I move the canvas on the screen so that I can work on the corner of the canvas at the center of the screen?

I am using photoshop cs on PC. Thanks!

1 - “B” is the hotkey to get to the brush tool when working in a window, and if you right click, it will pull up the brush size adjustment

2 - To get to the corner in the center of the screen, the window of the file can’t be “maximized” is has to be a floating window. Then you can move that file window around wherever you want within the Photoshop window.

(This is all in Version 7 though, as I haven’t updated to the CS2, hopefully nothing has changed too drastically)

I don’t know if you have watched the Scott Robertson videos, but he used hot keys to enlarge or decrease the brush size without even needing to go to any tool window.

As for the moving canvas, Scott just click and drag the floating window( the one with a shadow). What key do I have to do that?

I found the answer to the first one. Just hit “[” or “]” to up or down size your brush.


Hold down the spacebar, then click and drag somewhere on the image. Holding spacebar temporarily activates the hand tool, which allows you to pan the image. This will only work if you are zoomed in or the window is too small to fit the whole image. Is this what you mean?

I’ve seen Scott’s bicycle rendering video and he is really handy with his shortcut keys.

Oh I’ve figured out the second one as well.

Under the standard menu you will see 3 icons of window styles. Click the second one and the canvas will be in the “floating” mode. Then you can use the hand tool to drag the canvas around. It’s pretty cool.

Also, if you want to change your background color, and I don’t mean your canvas background, I meant the window background, simply hold shift and paint bucket the color you want onto the background.