Silly Question?

Going to China for the first time next week. How stict is their regime - can I take the book I am reading or should I take something a bit less controversial?

you wont have any problem unless its porn…though i have smuggled in a hustler for my factory guy recently. just go about your business as usual. You’re a western er there on business; some of things you hear about just dont apply to us
“gway lo” (white devil foreigner)

… so that’s what THAT means… just kidding, it’s pretty melo except for the depressing Communist Bloc housing units. Just make sure you fill out all of your forms properly, and there will be a lot of forms to fil out coming and going…

I was reading “Mao’s last dancer” and they took it off me at the border. They also made me cut my hair.

dont worry it is easy and it is preety much you can do what you want. as for the porn part i got stop once with that but the funny thing is there are tons of massage places so why would you need to bring your own porn in…HAHAHHAAHA

but really it is a nice place and they let you do what you want as long as you dont get in to fights or bring drugs in. recently they caught 1 canadian guy try to haul in 30 pounds of weed.

any way it is preety free and most of the hotels are preety good if you stay at a 3 star or above. just watch what you eat but anything cooked is ok.
1 general rule is if it taste good then eat it but dont ask what it is…

have fun over there and bring me back some cheap pirate dvd movies and LV bags.

cheers people of core