Silicone Sheets (0.125" thk)

Hello ,

Have you come across silicone sheets?

I am looking for 0.125"( ~3mm thk) sheets of silicone that could be die cut into shapes.

I have seen some molded silicone used as handles on bakeware
Are there vendors that supply silicone sheets or elastomers in sheet form that can withstand high temperature?

Any suggestions ?

thank you


Search “Silicone Rubber Sheet Stock”

If they don’t have what you’re looking for, you don’t want it. You’ll pay dearly, but they usually have it.

dunno how much you need, but ive seen small sheets in hobby stores that are meant to be used as a mat for glue/soldering guns, and the like. of course you’ll payretail, but if you just need a bit for a project, could be a way to go. they are usually mikly white, and can do hot temps no prob. the thickness is about what you are looking for and should be fine for die cutting depending on what kinda tool you have.


if you just need a few yards for a project, check out silicone baking sheets.
They are meant to replace teflon, grease or cooking spray when baking on a cookie sheet.

The original name brand was silpat, they were reinforced with fiber but there have been a ton of other companies making similar products.

we have used them to make our own gaskets for a few projects

thank you for the info

I did find some sheets on McMaster (expensive) and another place as listed below if anyone else in in search of something like this



Not sure if this is what your looking for. But here it is.