Silicone logo on nylon

I am not that experienced on softgood materials and techniques and i would appreciate you help on this…

I want to apply the logo and name of our client on a strap made of balistic nylon. However, i do not wish to have a silicon background behind the logo and name but i would rather have them, the logo and each letter of the name, individually attached on the nylon… Is that possible? I think i have seen a technique that these rubber/silicon parts are attached on nylon with a thin transparent layer … (unfortunately i can not find images online so i can show you what i mean)…

Do you have any idea on how i can achieve this result?

Thanks in advance!

Ok, i found an image and i sent it to the supplier… I meant this technique.

That is a pretty common technique. I think we used to call it “finemolding” but might have been our internal nickname for it. I visited a factory that was doing this once to better understand the process. If I remember right, I believe it is injected onto the backer by hand using small injectors.

Hi Yo, i do know it is common technique but as me and the office i work we ar enot into softgood products, plus the company that is responsible to organize the production of the electronic product we design as well has little to do with softgood details such as this one, i could not communicate to them exactly the technique i wanted to use for the clien’t logo application. I did not know the name of this method so it was kind of difficult to find relevant images.
Thanks for giving me the name :smiley:

Oh, and here is a supplier in Taiwan in case anyone ever interested…

My suggestion is to send them a sample of the kind of technique you are looking for. Always easiest to be the most concrete and literal. Kurim is just one of the vendors that do this (and one of the more expensive ones… but also the best, also I think Kurim uses urethane correct?)

Really depends on the factory, or the factory’s contacts. Either they can do it, or they can’t, or they find someone who can do it (this is very common). I’ve heard it called all sorts of names, and I like Michael’s nickname there. It really matters what the factory calls it. The one thing to really consider… is how well the end result will hold up. I’ve seen these silicone logos peel off entirely within 1 month of light use, or hold on tightly for a decade (even with use and abuse). Have them give you some type of guarantee, in writing.

Best of luck!

True, you can pick some right off in the store. Must be a combination of the different urethane compound and what material you are applying it to.

yo and Taylor, great feedback and suggestions. We are currently waiting for the sourcing company to find suppliers. As they (one of the biggest company in the area) are the responsible ones to source parts and assemble all the electronics i hope they will ask for guarantee but in any case in our meeting will mention the issue of peeling off.
Kurin yes, it is expensive and not suitable for this little project but i just posted the name in case anyone else that need something more complicated, maybe Kurin could be an option (i am not advertising the company, i got no relation with them and we/i do no business with them… just think that they are good in what they are doing). I was sure that yo will know them… :slight_smile:
Thanks again!

It can be called-
Micro injection
Fine mold

Typical materials are either tpr you or silicone

Tpr micro injection I find is the most common and cheapest. Silicone and kurim (not mutually exclusive) the most expensive.

Many suppliers should know this process.

Hope this helps.


Usually it is applied through a heat transfer. Application methods have gotten much better now and are pretty durable.

If you’re working with a bag manufacturer they can usually source this type of thing pretty easily. Supply them with the photo you attached and they’ll be able to find it,