silhouettes of people. vector graphics. where to get them?

im looking for silhouettes of people in various poses, preferably in vector graphics so i can scale them as i see fit.
ive looked online and there are alot of sites that provide them, but at cost:

i am a lowly student so i cant afford to spend my loan on joining a site just for a few silhouttes.

so does anyone know where i could get them for free?

i do have the ‘neubau welt’ book which contains several silhouttes of people, but not the ones i need.

any help much appreciated!

…to re-create some from photographs in Illustrator. Or, export silouettes you cleaned up in Photoshop as paths and tweak in Illustrator. That way, they can always be yours forever and ever.

Good luck,


take a pic of yourself, your bestest buddy, yr momma in the poses you need. and outline them in illustrator, or whatever software you prefer.

it’s faster than looking for free ones.


Find some pictures or mail order catalogs, scan the pics, and outline them in illustrator using the pen tool.

You can then change them to any size and color to meet your needs.


Please, that’s a collection of words I never want to read put together ever again.



Yes, it’s 10X more rewarding to create your own sillohettes. I created a sh!t load of them when I was in school, my favorite being the superman on my coroflot :smiley:

I just created a few for the office last week too, it’s fun!

My preference is ink on paper over vecter art. How big are you planning on needing them?

I don’t know, copyboy. I kind of like the silhouettes on your RODi!!!

Refreshed in NH,


Got to say do your own just trace round some images from google with freehandMX or illustrator (free trials available if you havent got them).