Signs of the apocolypse

I can just see the queen riding in this.

  1. Rumour is that Toyota will kill the Crown after 68 years. Sales plummeted from around 200k / year in the 1990s to 18k this year.

I know it’s not great looking, but what a sad end for Japan’s limo.

  1. Maybach S580. Holy molly. I can just imagine the design review:

“Not luxurious enough” - manager
“What if I make the grille bigger?” - designer
“What if I make the fake bumper vents chromed wire mesh?”
“What if I make the grille a giant waterfall”
“What if I do all of that”
“You’ve struck gold!”

I don’t mind the grille so much on the Maybach. The car is enormous, and I feel like it should be that huge. Like the wheels, and like the optional 2-tone paint from the factory. (saw a black and white mockup that was pretty hot, to be honest).

Ram 1500, though… what have we done?

I’ve heard similar positive things about the Ram 1500 in the press.

I think it has a couple things going for it - unlike all these S class cars or Maybach’s that have replaced their tires with giant wheels and low profile rubber, it actually has the body on frame comfort people used to expect out of a Cadillac. I’ve only heard praise about how good the ride quality is.

They’ve invested a surprising amount for a truck. If you compare the materials of a BMW 5 series and the Ram you’ll find a lot more leather surfaces, contrast stitching, though I think some of the over the top cowboy editions feature fake leather print on the digital gauges, leather saddle bags - basically you can tell a designer was tasked with touching every surface and figuring out something to make it “more premium” in the CMF department.

But I think the middle of the road ones may not be a Rolls, but the press is probably giving them credit for bringing “luxury” to a class of vehicle typically reserved only for utility purposes.

The demon is spot on, regarding the apacalypse… (of the SUV vs. limousine trend.)
(sorry could not resist)

But in all honesty, Ray. This thread title should have been reserved for more meaningful conversation, if you care to have just a fleeting look to that country which used to be south of Canada.

naa, the Queen like’s a Range Rover :smiley:

Mike: You have some good points. I’ve always liked how Dodge seemed to invest a lot of design in the Rams going all the way back to that first semi-truck looking one in 1994. Still though, are people giving up Mercs and BMW for pickups?

Youi obviously not have been in suburban 'merca for quite some time.

I kinda get Escalades as they present the most bling per dollar available. I thought “luxury” picks up died with the Lincoln Blackwood and Mercedes X-class.

My dad and I came across this Crown Majesta in a parking garage in Hachinohe a few years ago.
We thought it looked really, really good. Its not quite as long as a Lexus LS, I don’t think. Big bucks though.

In Boulder, CO this week. Loads of shiny new Ram 2500s here…Very few Fords and Chevy/GMCs…

  1. For a giant grille, the Crown’s is at least creative. I’ve never seen a grille splash into the bottom intake like that. Kinda neat.

  2. People in Canada buy a lot of trucks, but people in Montreal do not. Every time I visit the US, I think, “Whoa! GM redid the Silverado?” only to learn later that a new one came out 2-3 years ago. That’s how rare they are in the city.