signed Raymond Loewy sketch reprints.

Thought y’all might like these:

for sale here Rediscovered Paper - Raymond Loewy Print Gallery S-1 T-1 Air Force Avanti Moonlanding Space Taxi Hydrofoil Skylab Eva

the sketches look great, very concentrated and clean. My favorite one is the last one. i am attratced to simpliity but detail like that my face sick to the screen. I love the detail keeps my eyes looking for more. makes me want to really shape up on my sketching. but honestly I get like ADD with my sketching after i get a lil bit of one done want to go off anf draw another idea…patience with drawing…

great stuff.

space travel, there designs i thought were never very creative, maybe beause i have seen to many cartoons i am expecting more conceptual spatial designs, but alot of technology and enviornment plays major factors…

dreaming of a jetzens life style…



Syd rocks. He gave a lecture at my school too back in the day, awesome stuff. Even his student work is above and beyond…

here’s a few of his sketches from when he was in school- circa 1959

I’m gonna get my hotwheel autographed by him!!! YEah he designed one a year back.

Syd’s my Favorite! Where’s he gonna be?

CCS, Detroit. Tue 4.30pm.

he is also going to be here in chicago at columbia college fri nov 5th, since you are in the stl you should check it out only $5 for students

Syd Mead is putting out Gnomon instructional videos, just recently announced.