Ive been asked to make a led sign about 10’x4’ on the side for the company i work for. Nothing crazy, just a simple straight-forward approach.

Anyone have experience with large led signage?
Any idea on how much a project like this would cost?
Or words of advice for materials? - metal or plastic?

I have a friend with a cnc machine that can handle up to 4x8’ so i could cnc the typography.

Last time I checked LED display modules cost $10,000 per square yard. They come with interlocking frames. Saco Smartvision is a leading manufacturer:

Crown Fountain in Millenium Park CHI

Great use of LED

An amazing public space, if you have the chance in the summer to interact or watch people interact with this fountain, it is truly amazing.

Thats my specialty… PM me what you are thinking of doing (i.e. video, messages, color changing, etc.) I’d be glad to help.