SIGH~~~ ><

It’s my first time writing at this board, kinda feel ashamed, cause I just got rejected from admission for the ID program at ECIAD (emily carr institute of Art and design located in vancouver, Canada) :confused: Gosh~~ did i even make the rite choice giving up commerce and going to art school?
and now… i have to waste a year as a General Fine Art student.

… Can I ask you guys for some suggestions and must do for admission profolios?

… i might consider applying to schools outside of Canada next year, possibly in the US or England. What schools have good reputation/ program? Most affortable?

:open_mouth: I’M STRESSING OUT :open_mouth:

Ask few more question to yourself.

What is ID school and how will this impact on mylife? Am I ready as a student or a designer? Can I study without going to school? How much obsession do I have on Designs? Can I live without it? Do I really love doing it? Am I seeing the school as an escape from the real world?

As a student who also had experiences on rejections, I know how painful it is, but I’m sure you will grow into something else-better designer or non designer someother identity to satisfy your life.

Just see it as a great process.
However I feel much more sorry that you said, you are gonna waste time as a general Fine Art Student.
Studying something else at this point won’t be any waste. Especially Fine Arts. It will increase your creativity and art making skills as an IDesigner.

Now its time to read books on designs, arts, inspirational things and business. Take more after school classes and summer courses, and improove your portfolio. Go to school receptions and make designer friends and ask how good and bad your portfolio is. Good friends will tell you honestly.

Even if you get into any school, it won’t be done. I mean tons of things will stress you out. Schools won’t find a job for you. You will get criticized on many levels. Deadlines will make you sleepless. Other students are better than you,and either you will push your limits or give it up slowly. If you were a student who felt giving up ID in the school, you will feel more painful than not being there. You can be end up being back to commerce even after you finished the school.
The good side will be again… it will be the good time to think and produce your creativity into your works. Apply few months later for the Spring term. If you are a person who will really love what you want, you will apply again and again and again until what you want. By the time you get into the good school, you will already have broad knowledge on ID, business, portfolio making with lots of passion for your future. :bulb:

Thanks for replying with such encouragement. After spending time thinking about what you said, I really feel that not being accepted into ID actually would do some good for me. It would certainly give me time to enrich my knowledge and find out rather ID is actually what i’m seeking. I’m planning to take a ID essential course in the Fall, and hopefully get something out of it. Wish you a Great school year. and Thanks AGAIN. :wink: