Shrubs...Bicycle Parking

Inspired from Theft Proof Bicycles entries……I thought of a design for Bicycle parking.

It is an installation……placed or mounted on the platform in University campus, Cafeteria, Public places… etc.

There overall form of these individual shrubs is some derivation of shrubs in basic form.

There will be leaf shape cutouts in each shrub.

The shape, color & leaf cutouts in shrubs are inspired from different varieties of the trees/ plants.

The material for this design is composite FRP(or SS sheet).

This design will add value to surroundings as well as a parking & locking place for bicycles.

Any Suggestions & Comments ….

I’d rather look at those than another black and rust colored mess of bent tubes.

Keep thinking about it!

Thanks Mr-914,

Another design thought … for congested parking zone.

For locking ur bicycle

  1. take ur bicycle to stand & place in the vertical slots
  2. manually lock the rim in slot
  3. press start on control panel
  4. give ur finger print
  5. ok or cancel
  6. slider will move up with bicycle

For releasing

  1. press start on control panel
  2. give ur finger print
  3. ok or cancel
  4. slider with bicycle will move down
  5. release manual lock

Use Trees & Shrubs…for bicycles Parking

Any Suggestions & Comments ….

I came across similar product which is in use. :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

(Although I am not happy with big central trunk…should have sleek look…)

…I should explore … in some new direction :unamused:

Do you thought of parking idea from i,Robot ……for bicycle parking?

This reminds me of this idea I had that was one of those I thought was good at the time, but later decided I didn’t like. Similar to above stuff, but more abstract biomimmickry
bike rack.jpg

do you think it would be possible to work out a system where you actually use human power to push your bike up the “trunk” and then have it ratchet into place? you could then of course lock it on with your own lock etc.

Yeah, it was my idea to have some kind of latch/ratchet type thing, to avoid the typical pie in the sky cost of some government investments… Do you think it’s worth developing at all? (my portfolio link is below, even though it’s not complete yet).