Shrink wrap alternatives for manufacturing

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My first post in quite a few years. Hope everyone is doing well.

I am the design manager for a public realm furniture company. Our process is design, nest, lasercut, fold, weld, galvanise, powdercoat, add timber, install.

My concern is the amount of shrink wrapping that is happening during that process. When you add shrink wrapping the process looks a bit scary.

Design, nest, fold, weld, shrink wrap 1, galvanise, shrink wrap 2, powdercoat, shrink wrap 3, add timber, sometimes shrink wrap 4, install.

Have any of you tried to tackle this problem? We are constantly trying to reduce, reuse recycle at home but the amount of plastic being used in manufacturing in a day would be more than I would use at home in 2 years.

Keen to hear any suggestions or insights.

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Iā€™m unsure what process you refer. Does the manufacturing process use the shrink wrap? Is it the parts being put into the packaging being shrink wrap?

Even though it is possible for paper to have a larger carbon footprint, our customers think plastic is evil, and it might just be. So we are converting some of out plastic packing to paper.