Showing process on styling based projects

So I am having this internal debate over which projects/how I present them for my portfolio.

I guess what I’m worried about is not having enough “hard” design projects in my portfolio (ergonomics, consumer research, that kind of thing). I would hope these would be implicit in my work, but for things like a tea kettle it seems less appropriate to focus on those when they aren’t the primary points of interest in my design.

Basically I want to work at a place like One and Co or MNML ,but at this point I’m not there so I don’t want to be too abstract and not appeal to the more working man (?) firms like Insight, Teams, Priority etc. because I’m sure those would all be amazing experiences and I don’t want to be too picky especially these days.

Sorry if this didn’t really make any sense, I’m having a hard time articulating. So lets chat?

Can you post some work so we can see what you are doing. I think every student has some bit of styling work in their portfolio, but you still need to show how you got there. (Sketches, user analysis, research, etc…) Also your design needs to make sense. It can’t just be “I made a spoon square because it looked cool”. What about that square spoon is better than the old one? Does it hit an emotion? Does go after a different market? Can it be manufactured easier?

Shouldn’t you be working right now? Wait, shouldn’t I be working?

Anyway, maybe you want to make two variations that cater to whomever you’re sending them to.

After I posted this I realized this was probably going to be the common response, and its probably the right one. I’m fully aware of the “square spoon dilemma” if you will, and I have a firm belief that you have to cover the basics ergonomics, maneuverability, and user analysis or your design is worthless.

Unfortunately my CS crashed so I can’t resize any of my newer work up. But if you care to continue the conversation I can tell you I will probably have a shoe (its also a system design?), a sustainable computer concept (pretty blue sky), some flash drives that are pretty much just styling (but it was an excercise in good better best differentiation) and a tea kettle that is meant to feel empathetic cause you need a friend to go with the comforting nature of tea.

My old portfolio is here:

The only project that is getting carried over is a slightly tweaked version of the new balance shoe.

Thanks for the feedback

Jeff- You do need to get back, I did like a dozen digital sketches today.

Been busy with my portfolio. Hope to start on a snowmobile soon, though.