Showcase your work in the upcoming issue of The Talent

I am currently working on an article for the upcoming issue of Talent Magazine. We are looking for talented design student and recent graduates eager to showcase their work,

Combining intelligent, personal, progressive content of the past, now and the future. The magazine’s primary focus is the representation of new talent in all its guises. From Fashion and photography to Architecture and design.

The Talent Magazine is also a platform for unsigned talent that is searching for a forum to illustrate their wares as well as assessing the competitive landscape. Whilst there will only be brief outlines of new talent within this section, certain individuals will be selected to be represented in the main body of the magazine.

Submissions should include at least three images of your work. This can be in the form of drawing, visulizations or photographs at 300 dpi along with a brief written desription.

Pending initial selection you will be contacted for a questionaire style interview and Bio.

Please submit work and any further questions to

Good luck!

I’m not talented but i sent you an email.