Show yourself!!!

I’m totally bored in Boston area cus I don’t know anyone here. So who’s in the Boston area? Care to show me the goods?

what r u doing in boston. how can you be bored here?

go visit some firms. there are 57 of them in the boston area.

how long are you here for?

want to work on a project? i dont pay well though.

On an internship now till end of August.

I mean weekends. I can tour the city by myself but that’s why i am bored here.
It’s so expensive to live here that any pay is helpful.

Anyone to show me around?

Who are you interning for? ive seen some of your work in the forums and just curious who took you aboard.

so yea, who are you interning for?

You got a sublet or something for the summer?

I dono if I should announce where I am but that also means I am slacking at work right now… You will know when I update my resume after I am done with the internship.

I got a sublet, in a family house. So there isn’t any young cool room mate to show me around or hang out, just 2 old folks, a mother and 2 young daughters.

one bredroom?
for how much?
what neighborhood?

Well after your intership is over and u tell where you worked, i’ll let you know what stuff you should have seen/done in boston. :smiley:

You can PM me. It’s just a few clicks away.