Show your designs!

This is the Wine Table

Highly figured Walnut with custom fabricated metal canisters and arms.

hope you like it:)

Here’s some of my stuff, from oldest to newest. It would be nice to keep this thread alive to motivate me to keep making more.

Quirk Children’s Chair - Baltic Birch Ply & Paint

Site Table - Re-purposed IKEA table, double pane windows, and milled OSB

Sessional Chair - Steel & Ash

Dartimus_1, I love that table. Is it for sale at all?

Yo, yes is it is for sale. I make them out of my garage. $1200

I am seeing some great stuff on this thread. I hope it continues.

@Dartimus, what are the dimensions. going to show this to the wife…

@LyFK that sessional chair looks stunning. Can you post some more pics of that?

@Dartimus, what are the dimensions. going to show this to the wife…

Great! I hope she likes it. The dimensions are 59"inches wide by 19" deep. It is 18" tall in the middle and 19" tall on the sides.

A side table and coffee table design I’ve been producing for a few years. The frame is CNC mandrel bent using 19mm tube. Bent in 3 sections for the larger size and welded together. 2 sections for the smaller size. Brushed to hide joins.

Very cool Junior! Excellent use of CNC tech.

Here is one that is not exactly furniture but a fruit tray. It is cut using CNC on the bottom and the top.
Walnut Tray Small Image.jpg

Love that fruit tray!

Here is a chair I designed which was produced by DellaRobbia a while back. It has changeable upholstery…

Tilting desk chair I made for an ergonomics project.

@DiTullo - Sorry, haven’t been on the forums in a while. Here are some more pics of my Sessional Chair:

That is really awesome. I love it! The juxtaposition of form, color, and material is very striking.

I like it too!

It kind of reminds me of Stefan Diez’ work for E15

Thanks for the nice feedback. As for the pictures I posted, they are just 1:10 models. I’ve never been good at remembering to take working photos. (YO’s joinery question answered) The joinery is pretty simple. There are 2 rigid crescent shapes that slot together to give support and structure making an X, which the bent ply legs are formed around.

I’m sadly without a studio at the moment and wanted to work out some ideas in 3D. It is so much more satisfying. Below are 2 pieces I made in college. These are 1:1.

I’m currently looking for a design job in contemporary furniture or housewares. Any new ideas where to look? Thanks, any advice is much appreciated!

Sessional Chair - Steel & Ash

I want! Do you make these for orders? If so how much?



That lounge is pretty cool. Even though it is made from a hard material (wood) the form makes looks like it would be comfortable. I like it!

I like it too…

Is the hollow for a magazine or paper?

Yes, it’s for papers, or magazines, or perhaps an iPad :stuck_out_tongue:

All of the stuff you guys are posting is awesome!

I did this for class last semester. Acrylic seat, Steel frame.
I wish I could get this thing built, all I want is one just to look at…

Definitely caught my eye, I likey’d the hell out of that thing on coroflot!
IF I was to split hairs, I’d say it’d be nice to see some more fasterner exploration
(might not have crossed my mind had it not been for those super low level shots).

  • Maybe continue the play on the juxtaposition of the two materials/color in the fasteners/joinery as well?
  • Maybe cut slots in the metal to accept the legs so they slide together? (maybe I’ll sketch it out…)