Show your designs!

We’re all visual people - it would be nice to see some work from the folks interested in furniture design. I’ll go first. Here are a couple of my concepts and something a bit out of character for me from Williams-Sonoma Home.

another version of the red and white chair:


The Sky Lounger Gaming Lounger. Available now.
The go karts are an old portfolio piece, but I still like em.
I have a ton of other renders, but they have to stay secret. :wink:

The pictures are of some bent ply table concepts I have been working on.

online portfolio:

Thanks for any feedback!

Here is one that I did a couple of years ago. It is made out of fiberglass and Walnut.

Jee, I love that top table, any other pictures showing that joinery?

Dartimus_1, I love that table. Is it for sale at all?

Totally agree, nice stuff Jee and Dartimus_1

stellacorona - I like the Walnut chair pic from above too, but it’s seems a little further from reality than the last two posters, like the bent metal would need to be a little beefier maybe?

I want some prices, I need a new coffee table!

I am not a Furniture Designer but Sometimes I design a few, here is one. Same chair but one is of plastic and other version is of wood covered with blue velvet cloth.

Dovetails that shouldn’t fit cross-grain, but the effect was too strong a design element and I couldn’t resist cutting them! Just for fun-

And these still take me offshore-

Here are a couple of mine. I’ve posted them here before so they may be repeats to some people.

(b)ONE, 2010

MDF, Fiberglass, Automotive Paint

Clarity, 2009

Bent Plywood, Rosewood Veneer, White Leather, Steel

plusONE, 2007

Plywood, Rift Cut Red Oak Veneer, Aluminum

Coffee Table the turns into an extra seat when needed.

Good stuff everyone.

Here’s our booth from last summer:

Great to see others’ work.

Here’s a console I made a while back. it’s made of individual wood squares that are held together with floating tenons.

Here’s something I did a few years ago, sorry for the horrible quality. All I could find was a scanned slide from a terrible slide scanner, but you get the idea.

6/4 Moradillo (Bolivian Rosewood) and 8/4 Hard Maple

That is a sweet console!

Great stuff everyone. It is awesome to see.

I did this task chair a few years ago while at ECCO. Really fun project to work on.