"Show us how you think"

What excatly does this entail? I’ve heard this said a lot, and apparently it’s what most companies are looking for in sketching. When I sketch, I try to do “callouts,” and if necessary I’ll do a motion diagram of an idea. But, I feel like most of my sketches don’t seem to convey this.

This is sort of a subjective, tricky question, I know. But, when you hear this, what do you think of?

Post some sketches so we can give you some feedback.

Maybe the question doesn’t mean only sketching.

How do you go from hunch to product?

For me, when I say this, I tend to want to see that a designer thought up a variety of possible solutions based on different scenarios, thought through them, selected the 3 or 4 best, developed them further, selected the best attributes of each into the best solution they could possibly think of at that time.

Can you take a look at the sketches I’ve posted on my coroflot page


It’s crazy for me to be asking this, but am I showing anything like that? I feel like my sketches are very “static” and not very “dynamic.”

I think they want to see the process you follow. Show your ideas, your brainstorming and how you actually refine those into a final product.

That way they can see your method of thinking. If you only show the final piece, people don’t really know how you got there.


your sketch style and overall perspective is up to par, but what lacks the most in my opinion is function emphasis…

for example…your vacuum plate portrays its functions not by your sketches but by your renderings on the bottom. if someone wants to see “your process”…sketch those type of renderings in the first stages of development. it will show them you were thinking about it throughout.

Thanks for the feedback guys. Mio, I totally agree with you.