Should we work with latest version of software?!

Hi Guys,

Recently, I’ve got an issue with an office that I worked for them as a freelance designer. I worked there with my laptop because they said, you need to have your equipment as a freelance designer. I was wondering, should I work with latest version of software on my laptop?!
Because this project is done in my part, and they say " Ideally consultants should provide work with the latest software tools".
Please help me to know what is right, because they’ve kept my last payment because of this.


Was the project done with software that is some how limited because of it being a previous generation? (like Solidworks 2009 for example)

Yes, this project it’s almost done. and the issue is my software is 2009 and they were fine with this but now they want to open them on 2012 and it doesn’t work. All the file are fine but the problem is version and also a person who is in charge right now. He doesn’t have enough knowledge of this software.

You don’t need to be working with the latest version of the software; generally at the start of the project the details of deliverables such as file formats are defined to ensure that everyone is on the same page especially if you are collaborating with people as the project moves forward.

I have come across many instances, usually larger corporations with stricter guidelines, that prefer to stay a year or two behind the latest version to ensure all the bugs are worked out. Generally all software is forward compatible, meaning if you are working with is 2009… 2012 should be able to open the files.

In your case it’s sounding like person you are delivering too either doesn’t have the software and is acting as a middle man to a factory or has no idea how to work with the files you are providing. Give them 2 different formats such as solidworks and parasolid and then let them deal with their counterparts.