Should IDesigners be included in the Nobel Prize?

Or that’s going too far?

I think it is valid.

For example, an inventor designed eye glasses with an adjustable fluid lens. This allows for the curvature of the lense to change by adding or draining fluid from the lens. It was specifically targeted only for developing countries. The glasses are mass produced for dirt cheap and can be distributed through organizations such as the Red Cross. As the user’s eye sight changes with age, they can adjust the lens without having to purchase new glasses. I believe the inventor put a patent on his technology so that this technology will not be exploited by corporations making a profit and only be associated with humanitarian relief.

I think that this embodies everything that the Nobel Peace Prize represents.

Coming from s.o. so devoutly BUSH and what he stands, such as his humanitarian actions/moral virtues and corporate experience& sponsors(benefactors), I find your here… well, puzzling.

Don’t fall into the trap AMP. You’re points are valid and “Guest” is just letting out the penned up anger and frustration after a tremendous defeat. He’ll get over it. He’s not even making sense. Put it this way… 51% of the country voted against his way thinking. He’s hurt.

not, hurt… just puzzled why s.o. who is so devout in the Bush way of thinking and action would also way to support humanitarian and non-corporate-centered ideas…

btw… 51% of the country is barely half of the others that thought differently than you.

you’re assuming that 49% holds the same extreme hatred as you. it’s YOUR hatred that devides the country.

I don’'t think he was being ‘hateful’. the question of whether AMP sees the dis-connection between the values the nobel prize is built on compared to that of GWBush is also valid.

…and change that into an innovation prize including ID.
Closer to the intent of Alfred Nobel.

politics aside…thats another forum…

back to this topic…but Designers should be considered, especially those who are focusing on products that improve lifestyles of the needy and at the same time create ecologically friendly products. I think it is more “nobel” than say identifying how the human nose differentiates between odors like this years (maybe last years) winner.

Maybe an additional requirement is that the designer/company that invents the product do not reap any financial gains. Any profit as a result of the deisgn would result in disqualification, non-profit distribution would be acceptable. I think that this requirement would insure that the product was designed for the betterment of humanity.