should i trust this?

hey everyone, i recently recieved an invitation to participate in a 12 person exhibition being held by i dont really know what the deal is…it is a portfolio based site and they seem to be somewhat exclusive…but i think it only appears this way as you have to shell out cash to post your stuff here.

anyways is in association with the singapore design network. i dont want to send my objects down there just to have them bootlegged all over the world. they promise lots of exposure to top industry professionals and lots of media attention, but im not so sure that this is true, and like i said im somewhat apprehensive because of the heightened possibility of stuff being ripped off.

this may be just me being a bit paranoid, but what do you all think?

let me know, and thanks alot.

See if you can find past examples or photos of other legitimate designtaxi exhibitions. I’m not familiar with designtaxi, but it seems they have alot of things listed on their site, sorry i’m not much more help. If they have a number, call them.

hey brad, i received the same invitation from design taxi and also came here b/c i’m skeptical. your message could have been written by me. let me know if you find anything else out.

were you by any chance featured in the wallpaper article about next generation designers? I assume this is where they found me. Let me know.



hey mark,

ummm yah i was in wallpaper…pretty ridiculous. im assuming thats where they got my name from as well. as far as info about the exhibition goes…im still in the dark. i emailed the lady and she responded saying that i should check the site out closely. i have yet to find anything about any gallery show or gallery in general. but i did get the understanding that its just going to be two-dimensional work that is going to be hung, so that makes me feel a little better. but again im in the dark about the specifics…i dont know what size, format, content etc.

im really apprehensive because i know people who’s stuff has just sort of appeared on chinese and indonesian “design” sites without them knowing. the websites said they should be flattered, but a few months down the line they werent so thrilled when there stuff was being bootlegged for a knickle.

anyways, good luck.


does anyone know what designtaxi is all about. I have noticed that all they do is send me SPAM