Should I transfer to UARTS?

I am currently attending the Art Institute of Philadelphia and just completed my first year. Recently, i have become concerned about my choice of school, and whether I should transfer. I have a 4.0, some pretty good work, and my teachers are also questioning my decision to go to AI, which i have recently found out is unaccredited by NASAD (or whatever the initials are). They told my family that the reason why the credits didn’t transfer was because the school was year-round, and they taught at a different pace. The only reason why i picked AI is because they gave me a full scholarship. Should I transfer to UARTS or Moore for the spring semester?

Do it now. It sounds like you already know all the reasons. You don’t want to limit yourself for the future.

Do it now! Better yet, go to RISD.

but does AI really have a stigma attached to its name? I think that the program is pretty good, i just feel that i would rather be an average-good designer at a school that has amazing competition, than way better than the rest at a school that only has 4 or 5 good designers. I feel like i have no one to compair myself to, and it’s really frustrating. If i do switch, I feel like i would be wasting a free education. I was thinking that maybe i should just stick it out at AI and then go immediately on to get a masters at a better school. what do you guys think? I NEED HELP!

You’re answering our own question. What kind of reputation does the school really have if it’s not attracting high-quality students and if it’s not accredited? It sounds like you got a merit scholarship because you’re the kind of student the school wants to attract (in other words, the kind of students they don’t have enough of).

If you’re at an unaccredited school whose credits won’t transfer, your “free education” doesn’t sound like it’s worth that much. If you want to be around better competition, then get out there and try to get into a more competitive program, and apply for merit aid at that school. If you’re as good as you imply, you may get a lot of aid elsewhere. It’s worth a shot.

By the way, AI has a terrible reputation, at least from what I’ve heard. That doesn’t mean that good people don’t go there or graduate from there, but it’s just not generally respected in the field. In terms of an investment in your future, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

Are you there for ID, or GD? UArts has great programs for both, but is especially known for it’s great GD program. If you want to stay in Philly, don’t forget about PhilaU either.

AI just recently started offering 4 year degrees and is generally still regarded as an associate’s degree school… sort of like a community college of creative arts.

That said, it’s also your responability to develop yourself as a designer… being at a “better” school might surround you with more inspiration and give you a higher degree of instruction, but isn’t neccessarily essential for you to be a great designer.

Whatever your decision; give it your all, and make sure you enjoy what you’re doing.

I really don’t feel like the teaching at my school is “less than” anywhere else, in fact most of my profs. actually teach at UARTS, moore, and other surrounding colleges. I think that most of them are really good, i’m just worried about what employers will think about ID students from AI. Thanks to everyone that posted, you guys are giving me some things to think about.

It’s not just the teacher. It’s the quality of your peers, too. If they’re not stimulating and challenging, then you’re not getting as much out of the experience as you can.