Should I take this job?

I was offered a position from small architect firm and I am not sure if I should take it or not.
This company is mainly building back porches, more like expanding to existing ones.
They said my responsibility would be to show ‘design touch’ in those panels and built-in furniture. I would be only one designer there and it would be 'hand-on’experience. Boring… they even said that.

I graduated last year and don’t have work experience.
As much as I desperately want to take this opportunity I am afraid it won’t help me on my product design career on the resume since it will be my first job.
What would this experience looks like on my resume?
Should I wait for another position or just take it?

take it… you’ll have some leverage if another opportunity comes…

i’d only reconsider taking the job if it requred you to move a long distance, and away from your ID community. I know ppl that have taken odd jobs like starbucks, wal-mart, and after a few months landed big time jobs in the ID world.
take what you can if you need the $…even an architectural firm can help you learn something.

Even under the worst circumstances, it won’t hurt you, either. It will mean that you’ll have experience under your belt for the next time you’re job-hunting, and you’re bound to learn new things and make some interesting contacts. Just keep track of every single thing you learn or accomplish there so that, even if the job as a whole isn’t all that relevant to your career, you’ll be able to explain your duties meaningfully in a future interview.

Forgot to mention, this place is the romote location… in the desert, probably 10 families live there. I guess the answer would be “No, don’t take it” in this case? wouldn’t help my resume as the first job?

Oh, in that case, I think some of the previous encouragement may need to be tempered. Would this force you to relocate to a new area, or are you already there and familiar with it? Would networking or attending design events in nearby cities be possible, or would you be completely isolated?

If it’s really in the middle of nowhere, then I’d think twice before accepting. You don’t want to make it impossible to find another job, or to stay in touch the design community. If you have to move to take the position, that’s also bad because you wouldn’t know the area or people there, other than your coworkers.

Advice taken, Thanx :wink: