should I really take the step and go to ACCD?

hi everyone,
I am a freshman( 3rd quarter) in a for-profit college studying in industrial design. at first I didn’t know what I am getting into other than I could draw stuff:) now I have developed lots of new skills and I am very passionate in the field of industrial design.
the school I am in right now has great people, some really helpful professors and many excellent students. I am doing well here. but personally I feel that if I was surrounded by a more passionate crowd then I can go even higher.

I was very intimidated by the name of ACCD but now i think i might have what it takes to get in, so I want to go there and see what I have been missing( or not). but on the other hand, I have spent 30 k into this school already and should I drop all of that and start over?

I have always been of the opinion that if you have the passion and talent for ID then It does not matter where you go to school. That being said I have been to ACCD and they have some very talented students from around the world attending their school. From a purely objective viewpoint they have instructors that work in the field and they place an emphasis on quality of work and claim to place most of their graduates in the field upon graduation. There is a lot to be said about a totally immersive environment that I had not considered myself when I was going to school for ID. If I had to do it all over again I would go to Art Center, but then again the cost is a major consideration. If that is not an object for you and you don’t mind stepping back a bit, then go for it. You have to be the judge of weather you are receiving the kind of education you want and are paying for, it will shape your future. BTW I think all colleges are for-profit.

thank you so muchDCypher! I read you reply over and over again! yes after 4 months of thinking I decided to apply in October. luckily I live 40 minutes away from Art Center. ready to take their Art Center at night and build a good portfolio for some scholarship.