Should I keep doing the Business in China series?

I have not had many comments on the two Business in China topics so far.

Should I keep doing them?

I’d love it if you do! I’ve certainly enjoyed reading them both. I still want to try a couple of years of china/asia one day and your nuggets of knowledge are worth a lot to me, and i bet many others!

Yes. Keep posting.

Yes keep posting. I think this is very a important topic for us to keep up with.

okay. just checking. :slight_smile:

keep posting! very solid information. sorry for just being a lurker, but I’ve been a little preoccupied this week watching the global economy collapse :slight_smile:

I enjoy it Tim. I haven’t visited this part of the forum for a couple of weeks though, my error. Also, I don’t have much to add yet.

please keep it up Tim, I know I haven’t made any comments or anything, but I enjoy reading them.