should I join AIGA?

Hi, I relocated to Los Angeles ,CA a few months ago. I graduated from a fully accredited private design college with a BFA in Communication Design Graphic Design, and although i’ve been applying to a lot of jobs via craigslist, the call backs have been scarce. I’ve had a few interviews, but nothing really has worked out in this profession for me. I’m not sure if joining the AIGA would help me find design jobs in this area?


For what it’s worth, the market is tough everywhere, especially for entry-level designers. The LA chapter of the AIGA is one of the strongest chapters out there, and it’s probably worth joining, particularly if you can still get the student discount. Anyway, even without a membership, you can check out their member directory of local designers. Maybe contact them and ask some questions (including whether or not you should join). Membership won’t get you a job, but you’ll have access to their job database and opportunities to attend events where you can network with people.

A better forum for you might be Speak Up, where you can’t just post a random question but you can check out who’s posting from LA and get a sense of the design scene out there. Also, How magazine has a design forum that might be helpful to you.

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