Should I include this in my teaser?

I am a product designer by nature, but I also enjoy working in illustrator. I just loose myself in illustrator! At my last internship I made info-graphics for research projects (aside from design sketching). I figure that this is an additional skill set that might look attractive to employers. What do you think?

May of 2009 one of my renderings was featured on coroflot. I like to think that this is one of my strong points. Should I include it in my teaser?

Thank you for your time!

Infographics: no. Illustrator rendering? It might be nice, depending on the other content in the teaser. If your teaser is one quick case study of one project, and the you have a random Prius rendering (really nicely done, btw), then no. If your teaser is just a bunch of images of your projects, sketches, renderings, etc., then yes.

I’d say no. Instead I would suggest that you do a rendering to that level of your own work.

I think your skill in infographics would be best applied to creative and sensitive graphic design of your portfolio. That will show it the best, without shouting.

And dude - what’s a Totoya???

haha, yeah, you caught me. I used to joke around with some friends with the name Totoya. At the time of the rendering, it was for a class with those friends.