Should I change to ID...

I often see these threads come up and thought I would post up my own experience in case others could get something out of it.

I never really had any idea what I wanted to do for a career as a kid and so went to uni to study teaching. I changed from Maths teaching into Design and Technology teaching and it was there that I found out about Industrial Design. I loved doing subjects alongside the ID guys and the problem solving and creative exercises as well as the ease with which I could make 3D objects and renders in Solidworks.

However, the problem was I felt that I was too far committed into the teaching degree that I had to finish it and earn money, particularly as I was newly married. I was working part time as I studied as a teachers assistant and started working full time when I finished and after 1.5 years was incredibly stressed. When I thought about life more I wondered what I would do if I could do it all again and new it would be ID. I started looking around and found there was a graduate course that recognised my previous studies, enrolled, got accepted, and finished it. I had dreams of graduating and getting consultancy work, as that seemed like where all the fun stuff was, but the reality was different.

I ended up working in the window and door industry which I didn’t even really appreciate its existence let alone need for designers before and have been at that some company now for nearly 8 years. Sure I earn less money and have less holidays but it really does feel like a job I was meant to be doing and do enjoy (mostly).

The reason I am posting here is that it was about the time I was thinking about changing that there were other forum posts from people in similar situations to mine and I really wanted to thank the admins who consistently post great advice as well as all the effort they have put in here over the years. I found it very encouraging when I found this website and hopefully this would encourage others to at least give it a try if they are seriously considering changing to ID too.


Awesome, well said! I agree whole heartedly, if you believe in it, go for it.

Holy crow, I didn’t know Alan Watts was a guidance counselor. Wish I’d met him 20 years ago.