Should I apply for MBA?

Hello, everyone.
i’ve been reading many posts and most of them were really helpful.
however, i still have some questions that need your helps.

i’m an id background and currently working at a design firm.
since ‘design’ is getting more important in business nowadays than ever,
and i found a firm like IDEO is doing consulting jobs for corporates which provide not only outputs but ‘strategy’.

so i think in the future, if designers understand more about business, marketing, finance & etc then might have more powerful voices in business field. (because it might helps analytic approach & strategic thinking)
and some day maybe design firms will be fighting with consulting firms like
McKinsey, (this might seems excessive)

i’m really interesting in business & marketing,
my mid-term goal is to be an innovation strategist.
i want to work on innovations both aesthetically & strategically matter.
and my long-term goal is to be an entrepreneur.

i’ve seen IIT has a great program about design method / MBA,
northwestern has a product development related MBA course.
and i think applying for MBA will suits me more.

please tell me what do you think and if you know any other good programs,
i welcome any advices.


I agree with you and this is a thought that has been going through my mind as well. I am a trained ID with a strong background in packaging and branding. With this experience I think and MBA may help. On the other hand I do not want to get pegged a marking person or a finance guy. I think you really need to think about what it is that you want to do in the future and whom it is that you want to work for. You said that you currently work for a design firm. Is that what you want continue to do? Also have you thought about a masters in design management? I know this is kind of a new degree but From my research they teach the same sort of principle in more of a design oriented way.

Just my $.02.

I have considered getting an MBA, It is a good degree if you want to be in the project management .

this looks pretty awesome…

from CG on this thread → New Product Development Certification

thank you for all your replies.

i agree with your opinions, i want to stand for designers not marketer, finance guys. but i wish to do consulting works which can bring sustainability on innovation for corporates/companies. and that means i need to learn more strategic, logical thinkings.
i’m also interested in design management program but don’t really know which one to choose. so i’m just considering to apply MBAs strong in marketing, product development, etc.
can you recommend me a good program?

oh, yes. that is one of my reasons…

thanks for the posts.
i’ve checked out.
i think it’s a good certificate. but currently i’m not in the U.S, so not really sure how it going to affect for me.

get a PHD in aesthetics instead.

Check out the Pratt Design Management program. As a current student I can tell you it sounds very much like what you are looking for. I coming from a similar background in ID, having worked in a design firm and now part of a corperate design team. I am very happy with the program to date. I would suggest you attend an information session if at all possible and you will have an opportunity to get all your questions answered.

I can answer questions you may have as well.