should camping be roughing it?

I am currently working on a tent design and cant choose weather to go for a simple tent or one that is full of features. you can help by following my link.

I am a student from michigan.

I don’t think a survey is going to help you, some people are really into camping, some people do it for fun with friends so either way you will be designing toward a singular group. You need to be talking to people at camping stores not us.

Is your target market industrial designers? If not, then why post this here?

Try here… Forums - CampingForums - Online Camping Community

Or here BACKPACKING Message Board Discussion FORUM

I was thinking this topic was going to be about camping gear either bringing the nature experience closer to the camper or being a detraction. It seems that there are campers who consider RV’ing camping and other campers who are closer to Survivorman. Although, I haven’t actually seen too many campers who build their own shelters or hunt their own food.

Think about the experience your user will be having with the tent. If it will become a better experience with more features (extra convenience?) then give it more features. If it will become a better experience with less features (lighter weight?) then give it less features.