Short term Industrial Design courses


Could anybody please tell me if there are any short term Industrial design / product design courses(6 months -8 months or less) available in any college.

Thanks a ton

If there exists such a course I would not advise going anywhere near it.

The biggest challenge that ID program directors have is having to select what items to teach and which to leave out. Three years is already too short, and many professionals complain that the graduates don’t learn enough skills at college.

If you’re in a rush to pick up ID, then please reconsider. It’s really not as superficial as some make it look (no offence Phillipe).

is this what you are looking for?

Most colleges in the US offer continuing education classes meant for working professionals or anyone wanting to learn.

I know, Pratt Institute offers some in the ID dept. I’m sure Parsons does too… (this is for the NYC area)


Parsons offers a short 3 month course on ID as well… Might be worth looking into.

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hey deepti, are you looking for a course in india? well i am not sure you’ll get one, and if you do get to know of something like that, dont do it.

ID is an experiential field. you’ll take 6+ plus months just to get a picture of what ID means. 3d form studies+studios+sketching+…its about feeling the process. I am 200% certain nobody can give you that in a short term course package.

Also, the industry acceptance, if you are looking at that angle, shall not be favorable.