Short project - critiques please!

Hey, I’m pretty new here and have just started compiling my professional portfolio. I’ve been pretty clueless and haven’t had much guidance so I really need some feedback!

Take a look, thanks!

Hi Nishant,

I enjoy the presentation of the product. Even though it’s a simple item this explains your thought process well, and the ideation with sketch-based presentations invites the reader to think along. I like the competition entry as well. My only critique on the project would be that you advocate an efficient use of material (support-free, that’s great) yet for only supporting a phone and diffusing the LED light you would need way less material than building what is in essence a (thick-walled) box around the phone. I would have liked to see some different ideas towards materialization, also taking into account the complex possibilities that 3D printing offers - it really doesn’t cost all that much more time to print provided you keep the amount of ‘edge loops’ low and keep them continuous. But overall a good project, it makes sense!

Thank you so much for the feedback! You’re right on about my approach being counterproductive, it was just one of those situations where I got caught up in one idea and put on blinders.

I am not from India, so maybe I do not have all the insights. But if you have no electricity, don’t you want to preserve your smartphone battery?

Fair point, what’s more common here is that the power cuts last about half an hour or so on average (it can vary based on where you live and sometimes even if there’s lots of rain). I did check how drastic the effect would be on the phone battery and it was mostly about 10% if you ran the flashlight for half an hour. Of course even battery drainage will vary from each phone, also it is common for people to have power banks which is why I included a small slot in the dock that allows you to charge the phone as well.