Short Portfolio Project

Hey guys,

I have been wanting to do a short personal project this summer, and am finally ready to start. I am interested in doing a project that involves designing a product around an existing company’s design language, brand identity, esthetic, etc. But more specifically, designing a product that falls outside of that company’s traditional product design sector (ex. design a watch that encompasses BMW’s aesthetics).

I am interested in tabletop design and electronics design and would like to see what would come about by merging the two. Currently, I would like to design an electronics product (leaning towards a camera, or line of cameras) that is centered around the tabletop company, Bodums’, brand identity. I really like Bodum design and would like to a apply it to a new sector of product design.

Do you think this is a valid project? Could it be improved? Just wanted to get some input before starting it.


There was a conversation going on in Andrew Kim’s Google Vitamin topic about student projects applying a company’s brand identity to something that they would never do. That applies to what you’re doing. I don’t think Bodum would ever make cameras. Something more food related, maybe. Maybe take a look at that conversation, because I think it may change your desire to do this kind of “branding” project.

Sure, it’s a valid project. I’d say go ahead. It may help for you to start defining your project more. Image boards, writing out what you think Bodum’s brand is, finding the product you want to design. Shouldn’t take you long, and will help you think more about if you should spend time doing this or not.