Short Interview

I’m currently in a management class that’s next assignment for Monday (1/30) is to have done a short interview with a business owner. The size of the business doesn’t matter, you can work alone or have a firm. I’d just personally like to more about owning a design firm or freelancing in Industrial Design and possibly do some networking.
It’s a particular interest to me as I’m hoping to either rise in the ranks for a corporation or have my own firm someday. Preferably the latter, but who knows what this life will entail :slight_smile:
These are the specific goals listed for the interview, but I will also add-in some of my own as well.

  • A brief introduction to the entrepreneur and the new venture.
  • How did the entrepreneur identify and assess his/her business opportunity?
  • To what extent and why do you believe the new venture is innovative?
  • What innovative ideas do you have that may improve the performance of the new venture?

I would like to do this by Friday, so if you’re a business owner or freelancer, if you could contact me by PM I would appreciate it!
I haven’t decided which medium to use to conduct the interview, I’m open to anything that will make your life easier :slight_smile:
David Knoll